Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for . . . #atozchallenge

For the A to Z Challenge, I will be featuring up to three authors per letter (via their last name). Some of the authors responded to my request for authors to promote. Others, I found. Please check them out and their books. Thank you!

Our "H" Authors

Henderson, Peggy
I never thought I'd be a writer, much less publish a book some day. I always wanted to be a veterinarian. I guess life just had other plans for me. When my husband and I decided to start a family, vet school pretty much went out the window. I used to work with a vet who had three children while going through vet school. To this day, she is my hero.

Three years ago, I began writing a story that, for whatever reason, was stuck in my head for almost a year. I have been an avid romance reader for a long time, and the idea took hold to - why not? - write my own! What a simple idea, right?
It has been a long and difficult journey from my first sentence to a completed, and hopefully polished, manuscript.

The story, titled Yellowstone Heart Song, is set in the Rocky Mountain region which today encompasses Yellowstone National Park. It takes place decades before the area was even known to white men, a time just after Lewis and Clark, before the mountain man era was in full swing.

The story has turned into, what I'm calling the Yellowstone Romance Series. Book 2, titled Yellowstone Redemption, was released soon after Book 1. The third, titled Yellowstone Awakening, was released on March 1st, 2012, and I am currently working on my newest title, Yellowstone Dawn. I have one more book planned in the series, with a tentative title of Yellowstone Deception. Also, a short novella is in the works, as a prequel to the entire series. The working title for that is The Sky People.

Howzell, Rachel
Rachel Howzell was born and raised in Los Angeles. An avid reader and lover of books, she received her B.A. in English and American Literature from University of California at Santa Cruz.

Her professional writing career started with a position at Black Radio Exclusive, an urban weekly music trade magazine. As the executive assistant and copy editor, she wrote columns, reviewed concerts, listening parties and albums; and of course, edited copy. As a freelance columnist for the now-defunct entertainment website,, she reviewed CDs and wrote columns for the "Relationships" segment of the site until the e-bubble busted. Since then, she has worked for several non-profit organizations, including PEN Center USA West and the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. Currently, Rachel is a science writer  at City of Hope, a national leader in cancer research and treatment.

She is the author of A Quiet Storm, The View from Here and her newest mystery No One Knows You're Here. She lives in Los Angeles.

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