Friday, August 27, 2010


Title: Seer's Destiny
Series: Carnival of Illusions
Author: Aubrie Dionne
Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing

E-book: 36 pages
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Much to her client's dismay, Vira doesn't hand out fortunes. The seer only tells the truth, even though many people can't handle the truth and would rather have a dream. Vira's own dreams haunt her. A frequent vision of a lost love, Bravian, and her untimely death strike her daily. She finds she can't run from fate and must face her destiny head on.

Aubrie Dionne's second installment of her Carnival of Illusions series entrances the reader from the very beginning. Seer's Destiny is a fast paced thrill ride into the world of fortune. The protagonist must give up herself to her destiny, and by doing so, she finds that second chances may prove just as true as her visions. Once again, Ms. Dionne is a masterful storyteller with her lyrical prose that flows like pure poetry. I believe that Seer's Destiny is even better than the first story, Chameleon's Colors. I look forward to reading more in Aubrie Dionne's Carnival of Illusions series.