Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MALICIFER by Aubrie Dionne

Title: Malicifer
Author: Aubrie Dionne
Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing (August 2010)
Ebook Short Story
Genre: Fantasy
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Book Blurb: Maylin is a lowly milkmaid in a kingdom perched by the sea. All she wants is to win the affection of a newly knighted man, and she’ll do almost anything to get his attention. When her city is threatened by a wizard army and her beloved knight stays behind to shield the villagers’ escape, she is tempted to resurrect the cursed sword, Malicifer, to save him. But rumor has it the bearer will suffer from battle-lust until death, killing everyone in his path. Can Maylin overcome the power of the curse?

Review: Aubrie Dionne's Malicifer tells a tale of wizards, knights, zombies, a kraken, and a milkmaid turned heroine. The story is fast-paced and pulls the reader in and doesn't let go. Through Ms. Dionne's lyrical prose, the reader can hear the cursed sword awakening and summoning a new champion to fulfill its blood lust. The ending is surprising yet touching. Ms. Dionne uses her excellent storytelling to show how love is stronger than all, and I found myself cheering Maylin on through the very end.