Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Title: Hieroglyphs
Author: Kit Wylde
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing

Book Blurb: When a new hieroglyphic alphabet is discovered on an ancient Egyptian scroll, expert archaeologist Joslyn Wetherly is called in to decipher it. Joslyn is obsessed with the scroll, and that obsession threatens her marriage. 

But soon her life is threatened as the secrets of the scroll prove dangerous. Before Joslyn realizes what is happening, she is embroiled in a rivalry between two long-dead pharaohs, their Egyptian gods, and past life karmas. 

Will Joslyn survive the secrets revealed in the scroll? Or will she be the next victim of the ancient feud?

Review: Kit Wylde's Hieroglyphs summons ancient Egypt through the reincarnation of revenge, justice, and everlasting love. Joslyn and Peter's relationship is touching and written so realistically I believed every moment of their pain and adoration for each other. Wylde blended the ancient Egyptian scenes seamlessly with the modern ones. The writing contained beautiful details and edge-of-your-seat suspense. As a reader, I found it hard to put the story down or out of my mind. As a former student of the Ancient Near East, I was most impressed by Wylde's descriptions of ancient Egypt and Egyptian archaeology. If you are a fan of The Mummy movies or ancient Egypt, you will especially love Hieroglyphs.