Monday, September 13, 2010


Title: Messenger in the Mist
Author: Aubrie Dionne
Publisher: Lyrical Press
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Book Blurb: Two factions on the verge of war…A countryside overrun with beasts…A love tested against duty…

Star, a messenger for the Elite Riders of Evenspark, races through the misted countryside delivering correspondence to the bordering Fortress of Ravencliff. The route is haunted by the mysterious beasts that lurk in the moors. Star risks her life for the hope of relocating her parents, for the glory of her illustrious career, and for an unrequited love.

On one such mission, Star discovers she carries plans for the assassination of Prince Valen of Ravencliff - the man who has captured her heart. Weighing love against livelihood, she must decide what’s more important…the safety of her country or her love for the Prince, who is betrothed to Princess Vespa of Evenspark.

With the mist is rising, enabling the Elyndra to gather and threaten the borders of both kingdoms, Star must unravel the mystery of their existence and forestall a war. 

Review:  Aubrie Dionne's Messenger in the Mist entwines fantasy and romance with a dash of science fiction into Star Nightingale's quest against the mist and the terrible Elyndra that inhabit it. Star is a noble, brave, kind character, and when she decides to go against the code of the Interkingdom Messengers, her world becomes unrecognizable. Ms. Dionne brilliantly weaves mystery, action, horrifying creatures, and romance into this wonderful novel. The mist hides more than just the countryside and monsters, and it is only when Star destroys the mist maker that everything becomes clear to her and the other characters in the novel. I highly recommend Messenger in the Mist to all who enjoy strong heroines who lead with their heart and their head.