Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: TROUBLE UNDER THE TREE by Heather Webber

Title: Trouble Under the Tree
Series: A Nina Quinn Mystery
Author: Heather Webber
Publisher: Blue Dandelion Press (November 27, 2011)
Format: eBook Novel
Source: Purchased from Amazon
Genre: Mystery

Description: When landscape designer Nina Quinn agrees to deck the halls of Christmastowne, an indoor Christmas village, little did she know how dirty the job would be.

Christmastowne has been plagued by mishaps. Someone’s stealing toy donations, cutting lines to the security system, starting fires, and poisoning the poinsettias. Worst of all, Nina’s neighbor, Fairlee McCorkle (aka Mrs. Claus) is found murdered under Christmastowne’s enormous decorated tree.

The deeper Nina digs for clues to unwrap a killer, the more she discovers that some secrets are best left buried in the past.

Review: Heather Webber’s Trouble Under the Tree is a delightful page-turner with a witty amateur sleuth in Nina Quinn.

The holidays are stressful, and it’s even more so for Nina Quinn. She’s working long hours on decking out Christmastowne, her fiancĂ© is out of town helping his ailing mother, and she may have lingering feelings about her ex-husband. When a string of incidents occur at Christmastown, it’s up to Nina Quinn to dig through the dirt and lies to solve not only Christmas capers, but also a murder, or two.

Trouble Under the Tree yanks the reader into the story with the wonderful voice of Nina Quinn. She’s sarcastic, witty, and a wonderfully well-written character within an amazing supporting cast. Each character is different and makes their mark. The plot is fast-paced. For a mystery, Webber does well in dropping hints of some secrets but still leaving some big surprises for the end. Since this is a book in the Nina Quinn series, backstory and re-telling who characters are and hinting at the previous books are used. Personally, I could’ve done without these tidbits and still enjoyed and understood the story, but it didn’t affect my love for it either.

After reading Trouble Under the Tree by Heather Webber, I want to run out and read the rest of the Nina Quinn series. Be prepared to dig right in!

Five Bookworms = I loved it!