Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for . . . #atozchallenge

For the A to Z Challenge, I will be featuring up to three authors per letter (via their last name). Some of the authors responded to my request for authors to promote. Others, I found. Please check them out and their books. Thank you!

Our "M" Authors

Miller, Christiana
Christiana Miller is a novelist, screenwriter and mom who's led an unusual life. In addition to writing for General Hospital: Night Shift and General Hospital, she's had her DNA shot into space (where she's currently cohabiting with Stephen Colbert and Stephen Hawking), she's been serenaded by Klingons, and she's been the voices of all the female warriors in Mortal Kombat II and III. If her life was a TV show, it would be a wacky dramedy filled with eccentric characters who get themselves into bizarre situations.

Miller, Melissa F.
Melissa F. Miller is a writer and commercial litigator. She and her husband practice law together in South Central Pennsylvania, where they live with their three young children.
When she is not in court or on the playground, Melissa writes crime fiction.  She is the author of the Sasha McCandless legal thriller series, which includes Irreparable Harm (Book 1) and Inadvertent Disclosure (Book 2). Irretrievably Broken (Book 3) is slated for a late spring release.

Morris, Robin
Robin Morris is the author of one horror novel, Mama, and a number of short stories that are collected in Halloween Sky and Other Nightmares. She lives in Los Angeles area, where her dream of becoming a screenwriter has not worked out yet.

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