Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for . . . #atozchallenge

For the A to Z Challenge, I will be featuring up to three authors per letter (via their last name). Some of the authors responded to my request for authors to promote. Others, I found. Please check them out and their books. Thank you!

Our "T" Authors

Thompson, Ruth
Ruth Thompson is the pen name used by Heather Ross to publish children's books. Her love for horses began as a little girl. Later, her grandfather introduced her to wild Mustangs through his boyhood stories. Johnny Mustang is based on her grandfather and the tales he told. Suitable for all ages, this illustrated story is sure to amuse, while touching on life in the old west.

Links: Website  Amazon Author Page

Tremp, Stephen
Stephen Tremp lives with his wife and two daughters in Mission Viejo, CA. He has a B.A. in information systems and an MBA degree in global management. Stephen has a background in information systems, management, and finance and draws from this varied and complex experiential knowledge to write one-of-a-kind thrillers. 

His novels are enhanced by current events at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and other scientific research facilities around the world. These potential advances have the ability to change the way we perceive our universe and our place in it! 

You can email Stephen at and visit him at his Web site Breakthrough Blogs for more synopses, reviews, and links to purchase or download his books from Amazon.  


California author Stephen Tremp has just released OPENING, the sequel to his near future sci-fi action thriller, BREAKTHROUGH.  

"A scientific breakthrough of such magnitude it could radically alter the future of humanity—for better or worse—is in the wrong hands." 

A scientific breakthrough in Einstein-Rosen Bridges, or wormholes, is stolen by a group of misguided M.I.T. graduate students. Their leader, Nick Fischer Jr., has convinced the group to assassinate powerful politicians and World Bank executives, privy to the discovery, to prevent them from using it for their own New World Order agenda and egregious profits. Using wormholes for swift, traceless, attacks and exits, they scheme to usher in a global science-based oligarchy. Amplifying the problem, events escalate as a scientific Pandora’s Box is opened and the contents spilled out on an unsuspecting world. 

Chase Manhattan, man of danger, is part of a new breed of modern-day discovery seekers. As the death toll mounts, will Chase and a multi-faceted cast of characters escape their hit list and destroy the discovery which threatens life as we know it? Greed, betrayal, murder, mayhem, spiritual contemplation, and unconditional love define the power-play struggle in this fast-paced suspense thriller of technology gone too far. 

Books by Stephen Tremp: BREAKTRHOUGH OPENING Escalation (Fall 2012) 
Blog: Breakthrough Blogs 
Other Online Info: Twitter: "@StephenTremp," Facebook: StephenTremp, and Goodreads

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