Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Review: LABYRINTH by Rachel Morgan

Title: Labyrinth
Series: Creepy Hollow, #2
Author: Rachel Morgan
Format: eBook Novelette
Source: Purchased on Kindle
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy

Description: Guardian trainee Violet Fairdale has officially been suspended for bringing a human into the fae realm. No assignments, no training, and goodbye to that position at the top of the class. While this sucks, it at least allows her time to secretly keep visiting Nate, the human boy who caused her suspension in the first place. It’s not the wisest move to continue breaking Guild Law, but no one’s going to find out. And Nate is worth the risk, isn’t he?

To prevent herself from going into assignment withdrawal, Vi throws herself into investigating Nate’s real mother, Angelica, a woman who seems to be mysteriously connected to the world of the fae. Nate’s never given her much thought, but that was before an insane faerie abducted him in order to blackmail Angelica out of hiding. Now Nate wants answers, and Vi’s got the perfect ability to help him.

Review: Rachel Morgan’s Labyrinth lives up to its title with mind-blowing twists and turns at every corner.

Although Violet Fairdale has been suspended for a week from her Guardian training, she still knows how to get into trouble. She secretly keeps visiting Nate, a human, even though it’s against the rules. Plus, she has another reason to keep seeing him—besides his kissable lips—she wants to help him find his mother and the answers to his family’s past.

Labyrinth picks right up where Guardian left off. I love Vi’s spunkiness. Nate’s character becomes stronger. He’s not a wide-eyed boy anymore. The plot is deeper and more complex with the mystery over Nate’s mother. The glimpses of the fae realm’s history add another layer to the Creepy Hollow series. The magic and creatures are spectacular as the reader learns more about this world. Best of all, Morgan excels at creating these startling endings that leave you craving for the next installment.

Labyrinth by Rachel Morgan continues the fantastic tale that started in Guardian. I can’t wait to read more of the Creepy Hollow series!

Four Bookworms = I really liked it!
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