Monday, August 27, 2012

Book Review: FREAK by Jennifer Hillier

Title: Freak
Series: Book #2
Author: Jennifer Hillier
Publisher: Gallery Books (August 7, 2012)
Format: Kindle Novel
Source: Purchased
Genre: Thriller

The bodies of naked young women, each carved with letters and numbers, are turning up dead all around Seattle. The letters match the initials of Abby Locke, a character from Creep, in prison for the attempted murder of a police officer. Locke is on the verge of being indicted for her involvement in the Tell Tale Heart killings from a year ago. But is she really capable of such violence? At least one fan, apparently obsessed with her innocence, wants the charismatic Locke freed—and is determined to continue a murder spree until she is….    

Review: Obsession is taken to the next level in Jennifer Hillier’s Freak.

“Free Abby Maddox” is what the killer wants, and that person is willing to do anything, including killing women, to make that happen. Jerry Isaac can’t forget Maddox’s attack on his life last year, but now he has to ask for her help in solving these murders. As he and his former partner delve into this twisted new serial killer, they are running out of time not only to stop a killer but to keep Maddox behind bars.

Freak picks up about a year where Creep left off, yet the scars are still visible between the main characters. I enjoyed visiting the characters from Creep as well as some new ones. Hillier creates sympathetic, three-dimensional characters all around. The novel is fast-paced with a quieter intensity. Hillier weaves a complex plot to a thrilling conclusion. When I thought I had everything figured out, a new revelation took me by surprise. I also loved how the author slipped in her blog title, The Serial Killer Files, into the novel.

Although not as intense of a read as Creep, Freak by Jennifer Hillier keeps readers guessing. I can’t wait until the next book!

Four Bookworms = I really liked it!

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