Monday, February 4, 2013

Book Review: LIBERTY by Annie Laurie Cechini

Title: Liberty
Author: Annie Laurie Cechini
Publisher: Rhemalda Publishing (February 1, 2013)
Format: PDF ARC Novel
Source: Publisher
Genre: YA Science Fiction

Eternigen is the miracle drug that allows humans to travel in deep space. Seventeen-year-old space captain Tabitha “Dix” Dixon has the only vial of Eternigen in existence.

Eira Ninge always gets what she wants. She wants the Eternigen, and she’ll do anything—and kill anyone—to get it.

Since Dix stole the vial, everyone she loves seems fated to die. When young resistance messenger Jordan Berrett steals her heart, she has to decide if it’s worth risking his life to let him get close. When Dix is involved, even falling in love can turn deadly.

If Dix can get her hands on more Eternigen, she and her crew can escape the solar system, leaving her dark past behind. But getting the Eternigen won’t be easy, and the bodies keep piling up. In the end, the cost of freedom may be too high.

Review: Annie Laurie Cechini’s Liberty rockets into space with an endearing cast, amazing worlds, and a storyline that leaves the reader breathless and begging for more!

Cechini breathes life into every single character. I cared about them and couldn’t stop reading. The villain is delightfully vindictive as well and keeps the characters on their toes. At first, I thought Tabitha, the main character, sounded a bit old for her seventeen years, but as the book progresses, I understood why. Tabitha has responsibility thrust upon her, and I love how she starts out as a tough girl and slowly shows her vulnerable side.

Liberty is space opera at its best. Besides the characters, the worldbuilding is phenomenal. I love the idea of terra-forming planets into habitable ones. Each planet took on their own characteristics, and I must say I would love to live on Venus or Neptune. Terra-forming is also refreshing when so many other science fiction focuses upon traveling to planets that are already like our own.

With the fast-paced plot, the story kept me guessing at every turn. The writing is stellar. I found myself snickering along with the humorous lines, and then I cried when a certain character didn’t quite make it. The best books cause those reactions, though. And the ending—wow! I really do hope a book two is in the works or a companion book. I just want to keep delving more in the world Cechini created.

I would recommend Liberty by Annie Laurie Cechini to fans of Firefly and Star Wars.

Five Bookworms = I loved it!