Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Review: Rise of the Magi by Jocelyn Adams

Title: Rise of the Magi
Series: Lila Gray #3
Author: Jocelyn Adams
Publisher: J. Taylor Publishing (June 4, 2013)
Format Read: eARC Novel
Source: Publisher
Genre: Paranormal Romance

In a battle of wills, who is strongest? The one who hates or the one who loves?

In a test of faith, who will fight the hardest? The one who has everything to lose or the one who believes only in herself?

For Lila Gray, the answer is both. For the Magi, the questions are pointless since they can’t lose, and they’ve been waiting since before Lila’s birth for this one moment. Lila only needs to find them to understand her entire purpose in life. This time, though, instead of protecting her people, Lila may be leading them all, including her unborn child and the man she loves, to their deaths — and not by accident. 

In the ultimate trial of heart and soul, and the conclusion to the Lila Gray series, Lila will learn that the greatest weapon of war is herself, with one ultimate unknown. For which side will she fight?

Favorite Teasers: A bunch of trees are going to invade your cities and eat everyone in sight. – 10 %

God, I’d turned into such a sap. – 18%

If only everyone was so easily pleased. – 24%

Touching a wildcard would have been tantamount to grabbing hold of a sleeping dragon and giving it a poke in the side. – 41%

Shifters were made of awesome, no doubt about it. – 57%

Hindsight was as useless as stilettos on a frog. – 69%

A life that is not your own is no life at all. – 80% 

Review: Lila Gray’s final battle may end her world as she knows it in Jocelyn Adams’ Rise of the Magi.

The third and final book of the Lila Gray series, Rise of the Magi yanks the reader back into Lila’s world and doesn’t want to let the reader go. Familiar characters and new characters abound. I particularly loved the introduction of the witches and thought they added to the paranormal world Adams created. The best part of the book was Lila’s growth as a person and queen of the fae. The kick-butt, spunky heroine finally reveals her softer side not only to the readers but to the other characters. I just love Lila to pieces!

Adams brilliantly ties the characters and the plot together in a complex bow. This novel took each thread from the other books and weaved them together, so the reader gets a complete understanding of how everything is linked. For me, the plot served to show the characters’ growths and pushed the characters to their limits.

Adams also explores and explains more about the world Lila Gray lives in. The additional nuances from the previous books and the fantastic descriptions keep the reader grounded in this extraordinarily complex world.

This fast-paced novel had me laughing, cheering for the good guys to win, and cringing at the horrors the characters have to face. I think I sobbed off and on during the last twenty percent of this book—some happy tears too.

For a series with a strong heroine and fascinating paranormal world—with the bonus of very handsome fae men too—I highly recommend Rise of the Magi by Jocelyn Adams as well as the entire Lila Gray series.

Five Bookworms = I loved it!

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