Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hook Me: Buried Hope by XJ Selman

Title: Buried Hope
Author: XJ Selman
Published: February 3, 2013
Genre: Science Fiction

Book Description: The world is dead... and for a thousand years, they've hidden.

The citizens claim they love Spes, the underground city where they evade the deadly toxins of the surface world, but the walls never end and the guards never cease to watch. There is a longing to escape, and a hope that someday the world might live again.

But how do the people know what they are told is truth? How far will they go to trust the unknown, and how much will they fight for that they cannot have?

First line: They always said the world was dead.
Last line read: "Yes."

Overall Impression: This book had some interesting worldbuilding, but I felt like I was dropped too quickly into it. Throughout the sample, I was playing catch up. I found the main character Victor to be a bit weak, and the writing was a bit denser than I like. It could’ve used a tad more white space. In the end, the sample just didn’t quite hook me. 

Would I keep reading?: No.