Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hook Me: Seer of Mars by Cindy Borgne

Title: Seer of Mars
Author: Cindy Borgne
Published: April 14, 2011
Genre: Science Fiction

Book Description: Sixteen year old Ian Connors is a psychic working for Marscorp, the biggest bully organization on Mars. His job is to use his ability to uncover secrets or hidden bases of other organizations so the Marcs can conquer them. Even though he’s been brought up to believe this is normal, he soon discovers the ugly reality of war. He hates the suffering and death caused by a vision he reported to the admiral. Ian feels responsible after finding a hidden base of a small organization that was only trying to survive.

In order to redeem himself, Ian vows to never let anyone use his ability for death and destruction again. His goal is to escape and live in peace, but the leaders monitor him closely and defectors are known to mysteriously disappear. Despite his age, inexperience and few allies, he refuses to give up. He must outwit a cunning admiral and a powerhouse organization, or he will remain a pawn and forever separated from those he loves.

First line: Aboard the Admiral's flagship, I enjoyed the view through the small cabin porthole.
Last line read: Static blasted over the radio, but gradually I managed to tune into the voices.

Overall Impression: Although this one was a bit of a slow starter for me, I quickly grew to care about Ian, Nate, Clare, and the other characters. The worldbuilding is fascinating, since the characters live on Mars. Conflict is visible and does well to increase the pace and tension.

Would I keep reading?: Yes!