Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hook Me: Jack of Hearts by Candace C. Bowen

Title: Jack of Hearts
Author: Candace C. Bowen
Publisher: Seven Realms Publishing (March 21, 2013)
Genre: Historical Mystery

Book Description: This time, Jack the Ripper has messed with the wrong girl...

During the height of the Ripper Murders, eighteen year-old Katherine Kelly arrives from Wales in search of her older sister, Mary. When the Metropolitan Police refuse to help her, she takes matters into her own hands. Combing the seedy alleys of Whitechapel, Constable Edward Stanhope searches for the notorious killer terrorizing his beat. Joining forces, Edward and Katherine soon discover the closer they come to finding Mary, the closer they come to finding Jack.

First line: "Murder in the East End!"
Last line read: "What did your father do?"

Overall Impression: Jack the Ripper and that time still fascinates me, so I have to say the intrigue of the infamous killer has helped hook me to the storyline. I enjoyed the interactions between Katherine and Edward. Katherine, in particular, has a lot of spunk. The plot is intriguing too. However, there were a few writing pet peeves that kept pulling me out of the story (overuse of participial phrases and names in dialogue).

Would I keep reading?: A strong maybe.