Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hook Me: The Last Hunter: Pursuit by Jeremy Robinson

Title: The Last Hunter: Pursuit
Series: Antarktos Saga #2
Author: Jeremy Robinson
Publisher: Breakneck Media (May 19, 2011)
Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Description: I was thirteen years old when I was kidnapped. They took me from my family, from my friends-from everything I knew, and stole my innocence. They brought me to a world beneath the surface of Antarctica, where I was broken and trained by a hunter named Ninnis. He served the ancient Nephilim: half-human, half-demon monsters. My personality was buried in my subconscious and replaced by that of Ull, a hunter and killer. For a time, I too served the Nephilim. As the first and only human born on Antarctica, they believed that I could contain the spirit of their fallen king, Nephil, and lead them to conquer humanity. But I was stronger than they knew and escaped deep into the underworld, where I have been hiding for the past two years. I live in a cavern, which is somehow lush with green vegetation, eking out a living and cowering from the confrontation that I know awaits me. But the nightmare has found me. I can smell them. The hunters. They have discovered my hideout. The pursuit of Solomon Ull Vincent-the last hunter-has begun. And if they catch me, this is where my story will end.

First line: Lieutenant Ninnis was once a proud man.
Last line read: None of that is on display here.

Overall Impressions: I had read The Last Hunter: Descent a long time ago. I didn't even know more books had been written until recently. Robinson gives some brief background on who people are and the like, which I found to be very helpful. The pacing and tension is great, and I was able to pick up on what was going on in this second book in the saga. Solomon is such a strong character, and the sample is adventurous and thrilling.

Would I keep reading?: Yes!