Monday, January 10, 2011

THE KNOT ARTIST by India Wilson

Title: The Knot Artist
Author: India Wilson
Publisher: Lightning Strikes Press

Book Blurb: An erotic political thriller set in New York City, Washington, D.C. and the Hamptons, the heroine is the most expensive dominatrix on the East Coast, with a breezy, insightful point of view about her profession and the balance of power between the sexes. When something goes terribly wrong in her Bridgehampton dungeon with a U.S. Senator involved in Cuban-American relations, Dominique comes under the protection of Reynolds, an international security expert - an attractive mysterious man whose life is even more about control than her own.

This is fine literature, set in a dark yet amusing world that readers of Mary Gaitskill will appreciate, as will anyone who loved the Millennium trilogy. The Knot Artist gives “kinky” a whole new meaning, inviting the curious into Dominique’s fascinating dungeon.

Review: India Wilson's THE KNOT ARTIST entwines politics with the dark psyche of who Dominique is and how she became the most sought after dominatrix. Complete control is Dominique's game, and her talents lie in ropes and knots. When she discovers the bind she's in when a session goes completely wrong, she loses control to find herself and another chance at love. Ms. Wilson delves into what makes people tick. THE KNOT ARTIST is well-written, intriguing, insightful, and powerful.

Warning: This novel involves complex adult themes, including BSDM and child abuse.