Monday, July 25, 2011

ESCAPE TO LOVE by Cher Green

Title: Escape to Love
Author: Cher Green
Publisher: eTreasures Publishing
Format: eBook
Source: Author
To Purchase: eTreasures Publishing 

Description: Constance Spenser, an aspiring witch, is no ordinary woman, and neither are her problems. Unhappy in her life, she seeks knowledge of the spiritual side of life, but what she finds is another world, a world where she has no place. She must gain the council’s trust and discover a way home, but in her attempt she finds herself falling for the enemy. Can she survive long enough to discover her destiny?

Lawrence Wilder, a member of an evil council, wants to break free, but one doesn’t walk away from the council alive. When a witch falls from the sky, hope returns to his life, and to his surprise love. In his world, together they cannot survive. Can he save them both, or will one have to be sacrificed for the other to live?

Review: Cher Green bewitches a spell for love in her Escape to Love.

A depressed and wannabe witch, Constance Spenser gives herself one more chance for fate to take over when she casts a spell. A portal opens during an ensuing storm, and she finds herself in another world where magic exists, but only the evil council are allowed its powers. She escapes to find her fate as a council-destroyer when she meets a real witch. Meanwhile, council member Lawrence Wilder is disenchanted with the council and longs for the witch who will change everything. As he and Constance fall in love, they both must find a way to save each other or die trying.

Escape to Love is a quick-paced novella, easily read in one sitting. The action starts right away with Constance’s magical spell and doesn’t let up until the end. The romance is fate-ridden and sweet. The diabolical council embodies evil and is reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials. I do wish the story had been longer. The scenes jumped rapidly from one to the next. I wanted to savor the story, characters, their emotions more and sometimes felt like I was reading a CliffNote’s version of a longer piece.

Overall, Cher Green’s Escape to Love is a lovely escape filled with action, magic, and romance.