Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Review: BLOOD ON THE CARDS by David W. Huffstetler

Title: Blood on the Cards 
Series: A Jack Harden Novel
Author: David W. Huffstetler
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing (October 2, 2012) 
Format: PDF ARC 
Source: Author
Genre: Mystery/Light Romance

A brotherhood of powerful men, a self-proclaimed prophet, and an ancient goddess hover over a series of murders that start with a game of Texas Hold-em. But are they to blame? Or has the embittered Comanche outcast returned to avenge his niece's death? Or has Jack Harden snapped as some would like the public to believe?

As Elsie and Jack try to salvage what's left of their relationship, an ever-widening canvas of death unfurls around them.

Can they stop it? Or will their blood be on the cards?

Review: David W. Huffstetler brings Jack Harden, a hard-hitting Texas Ranger, to life again in Blood on the Cards.

Blood on the Cards is the thrilling sequel to Blood on the Pen. Jack Harden is strong and brash. He takes no prisoners and will do anything to get his man. His girlfriend Elsie is spicy and confident, but her vulnerable side and self-preservation may cost her the man she loves. Huffstetler has created a mighty foe for Jack to face, and several times I thought the brotherhood would be too powerful and well connected. I loved how the reader travels through Texas and the Southwest, taken to a swanky mansion to breathtaking mesas.

Best of all, Huffstetler excels in dialogue. The reader can hear Jack Harden speaking. Tightly written, this novel is fast-paced yet touching. I feared for the characters. I love how Huffstetler takes something as simple as a card game to lead to murder and a far-reaching conspiracy. And it all leads up to a thrilling and heart-stopping ending.

I recommend Blood on the Cards by David W. Huffsteter to fans of mysteries and hard-edged lawmen.

Five Bookworms = I loved it!

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