Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review: Reconnaissance by Aubrie Dionne

Title: Reconnaissance
Series: Paradise Reclaimed #2
Author: Aubrie Dionne
Publisher: InkSpell Publishing (May 1, 2013)
Genre: YA Science Fiction Romance

Format Read: Ebook ARC
Length: Novel
Source: Publisher

Nova Williams has lost her one shot at Lieutenant hood and at love. Lieutenant Crophaven has promoted her rival, Andromeda, all because her lifemate, Sirius, sacrificed their mission to win back Andromeda’s love.

While sneaking out to prove Andromeda is a fake, Nova finds an alien ship hovering over their colony. Lieutenant Crophaven assigns her to a reconnaissance mission, giving her a second chance to redeem herself. Sirius must fly her and a research team to the vessel to decide if they are a threat. Thrown together with the lifemate that betrayed her, she battles with her own jealousy while her team battles for their lives. 

Can she forgive Sirius in order to save her team and warn her colony? 


Teasers: “All right, as long as we don’t break any rules.” [11% Ebook ARC. I love this line because it says so much about Nova’s character.]

This mission was a lieutenant-maker, and my one big break. No pressure. [20% Ebook ARC. Once again, these lines say so much about Nova.]

Why did it have to be bugs? [35% Ebook ARC. Yes, exactly! *shudders*]

My life dangled from brittle strands of malleable metal. [43% Ebook ARC. This line is such a lovely description and can mean so much more too.]

I was his lucky star. [70% Ebook ARC. This is definitely an “aww” line.] 

Review: Nova Williams craves a lieutenant-making mission, but this one mission threatens her entire world in Aubrie Dionne’s Reconnaissance.

The second book in the Paradise Reclaimed series, Reconnaissance picks up where Colonization left off, but with the new main character, Nova Williams. A hard-working, no-nonsense young woman, Nova strives to be the perfect expedition leader, but everything that can go wrong will for her. I love how Dionne chose Nova to tell the story and how the reader experiences Nova’s growth. Sirius, Nova’s chosen lifemate, makes the perfect match to Nova’s sarcastic wit. The vicious, intelligent, and creepy alien arachnids are a formidable force against the team members.

The fast-paced plot works perfectly for YA science fiction, and Dionne creates wonderful budding romance between Nova and Sirius. The nightmarish aliens add a delightful touch of horror. Dionne held back no punches as she tormented her characters and created this wonderful science fiction planet of Paradise 21.

Aubrie Dionne’s Paradise Reclaimed series gets better with each book. I highly recommend Reconnaissance!

Five Bookworms = I loved it!

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