Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review: The Dark Knight Rises by Greg Cox

Title: The Dark Knight Rises
Series: The Dark Knight Trilogy
Author: Greg Cox
Publisher: Titan Books (July 24, 2012)
Genre: Superheroes, Fantasy

Format Read: Ebook Novelization of the movie The Dark Knight Rises
Length: Novel
Source: Purchased on Amazon

Every hero has a journey...
Every journey has an end...

Eight years have passed since Batman was last seen in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne's alter ego is hunted by the law, and nothing--it seems--can bring him back. Not even a brazen theft committed by the enigmatic and seductive cat burglar Selina Kyle--inside the walls of Wayne Manor itself.

But then a deadly new threat appears, as if out of nowhere. Bane. Huge, powerful, and terrifyingly methodical, Bane is bent on spreading chaos and death. Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD are unable to stop him and have nowhere to turn. But after so many years, can the Dark Knight once again save Gotham from its gravest threat yet?

The official novelization of the final chapter in Christopher Nolan's epic, The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Teaser: “Place is a little dead,” Jen said as Selina took the envelope.

“It will liven up in a minute, trust me.” [16% Ebook. So, so true!]

Review: Bruce Wayne will don Batman’s cowl one last time in Greg Cox’s The Dark Knight Rises.

This novelization of the movie on the same name completes Christopher Nolen’s Dark Knight trilogy. I read the other two novelizations of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I must admit I enjoyed them a bit more than this one because they delved deeper than the movies. The Dark Knight Rises went by the movie with very little extra.

The writing was fast-paced yet felt a bit simplistic at times. I loved the introduction of Catwoman—Selina Kyle—to the story as she’s always been a favorite of the Batman universe. Bane is an excellent threat, and I loved how the power of Ra’s al Ghul continues in the storyline from the first movie/book to the last. However, for once, I think I enjoyed the movie a tad more than the book.

If you’re a fan of the trilogy and the movie, then you’ll enjoy The Dark Knight Rises by Greg Cox.

Four Bookworms = I really liked it!