Sunday, December 19, 2010


Title: Devil Don't Want Her
Author: Zetta Brown
Publisher: LL-Publications

Book Blurb: A humorous short story where a young, spiritually righteous woman, Faith Darling must face the fact that you cannot escape from your family and the truth. When Faith’s notorious great-grandmother, Miss Sunny Vincent, dies, Faith, as the only surviving relative, must arrange the funeral. However, Miss Sunny Vincent’s remains are hard to dispose of because God won’t have her and the Devil don’t want her.

Review: In Zetta Brown's DEVIL DON'T WANT HER, Faith Darling is stuck between her nice girl image and a demonic personality that is too much like her great-grandmother, Miss Sunny Vincent. When her great-granny's grave becomes exposed, Faith returns to her roots and the woman she hated. By using "The Seven Steps to Successful Interment" by Will Parsons, the characters go through the steps to cremate Miss Sunny Vincent. Ms. Brown intersperses humor throughout this tale while the reader and everyone else around Faith begins to realize that she's more like her great-granny than she would have you believe. As the troubles they have to get rid of the old woman, the more humorous the story becomes. The short story crescendos into a wild and stormy battle between heaven and hell for Faith to come through the other side. If you want a short, witty tale that will make you smile and perhaps feel a bit better about your own relatives, then DEVIL DON'T WANT HER is for you.