Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SHADES OF GREEN by Ian Woodhead

Author: Ian Woodhead

Book Blurb: Holburn was just like any other northern English town, at least on the surface. Buried below the local woodland, something of ancient evil had begun to tunnel up…

Within hours, Holburn suffered a drastic transformation as invasive, bizarre plant-life infest the town, the population and wildlife transform into rampaging, blood-thirsty beasts.

A handful of survivor’s battle to stay alive and search for answers.

Review: Ian Woodhead's SHADES OF GREEN entrances the reader into the horrific events occurring in small English town of Holburn. Through confusing dreams and complicated reality, the novel becomes a page-turner. Answers appear but lead to more questions. Terrifying images of insect-like creatures who used to be townspeople stalk the ones who are still human, or are they? A lush, tropical landscape comes alive, but the flowers are as deadly as the insects. SHADES OF GREEN is creepy, but in a good way, if you like horror. The fear heightens as you root for the characters and wonder which ones will make it out alive. Mr. Woodhead understands horror, and any horror fan would enjoy reading SHADES OF GREEN.