Monday, April 11, 2011

13 HORROR STORIES by John McDonnell

Title: 13 Horror Stories
Author: John McDonnell

Book Description: 13 stories that will make a chill run down your spine and stand your hair on end. It's horror that makes you think, horror with a surprise ending, horror that keeps you up at night. These are tales of revenge, of betrayal, of the power of love (or is it hate?) to overcome even Time and Space. Short and not-so-sweet, these stories will stick with you long after you finish reading them.

Review: John McDonnell's 13 Horror Stories delight in a perfectly creepy way. Each one is short – think flash fiction size – and deceptively simple with their build-up leading to a surprise ending. Some of the stories made me chuckle, some made me cringe, but all last with the reader. These thirteen stories are wonderful to tell around the campfire or with a flashlight when the power is out. "Heart Stopping Beauty" and "Tick Tock" have a philosophical power to them. "The Box" was my personal favorite. 13 Horror Stories reminds me of the ones scary ones I still remember when I was a child. Readers who like twisted thrills of horror, then they will enjoy Mr. McDonnell's 13 Horror Stories.