Thursday, April 21, 2011


Title: Unsavory Delicacies
Author: Russell Brooks

Book Description: How far would you be willing to go to get even with someone that ruined your reputation?

In Crème Brulé, rogue operative, Monique Beauvais, cons a software genius into selling her a coveted technology that would allow its user to control CIA drones while they’re in flight. And she will go as far as killing him in public in order to get it.

In To the Last Bite, a renowned food critic—whose scathing reviews have closed down restaurants—gets a savoury surprise.

Last, in Shashlyk and Morezhenoe, CIA operative, Ridley Fox, leads a team against one of Russia’s most powerful crime families. He discovers secrets, but not one that he was expecting to find.

Three stories with three consequences. All ending with three Unsavoury Tragedies.

Review: Russell Brooks' Unsavory Delicacies explores espionage and horror with a dash of tasty treats within these three short stories.

In "Crème Brule," Brooks gives us espionage at its best. The deceptions are sweet, and the reader will enjoy the twists and turns as nothing is quite what it seems until the end.

In "To the Last Bite," revenge is a dish best served hot and steamy in this short story, which happens to be my favorite of the three.

In "Shashlyk and Morezhenoe," surprises abound as Fox goes against a crime boss who is more like pudding and doesn't have a fierce bite.

All three stories delve into secrets and deception. Nothing is as it seems, and in some cases, the reader will wish it wasn't what it was. Unsavory Delicacies is a quick, deliciously devious read.