Monday, April 18, 2011

RIPPLES by Candice Bundy

Title: Ripples
Author: Candice Bundy
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
To Purchase: Amazon or Wild Child Publishing

Book Description: Natalie is grieving the recent loss of her mother when she starts seeing rifts in space that lead her to question her own sanity. These bizarre rifts reveal windows into another reality, opening up possibilities Natalie never before imagined...if she believes in them.

Is she losing her mind due to grief, her genetics, or could she actually have stumbled upon a true mystery of the universe?

Review: In Candice Bundy's Ripples, the rifts in Natalie's life become all too real, and she must decide whether to embrace them or run away.

When Natalie's mother dies, the effect ripples through her and everything she once believed. A visit to her last known relative and a long time friend inspires her to stand tall and take a chance, but it might be her last.

As a reader, I loved how one event causes a rippling effect both physically and emotionally. The rifts are mysterious, enchanting, frightening. Ms. Bundy leaves you guessing and thinking long after the short story is finished. The only disappointment for me was I felt there was a longer story buried within the fine lines of this one. I wanted more. Ripples is a taste of a bridging of worlds within our own.