Monday, May 30, 2011


Title: The Adventures of Larry the Alien
Author: John McDonnell
Format: Ebook
Source: Author
To Purchase: Amazon

Book Description: He came from Outer Space to make you laugh! Larry is the Charlie Brown of aliens, always screwing things up with hilarious results. He can't control his shape-shifting, he's a reckless Time traveler, and he gets himself in all sorts of wacky situations. He lives with a crazy family of humans, including Murphy, who owns a dive bar, Dolores, who's always coming up with schemes to make money, and Edna, who's a dotty mother-in-law with a shaky grip on reality. Based on the popular Web series of the same name, Larry the Alien will make you laugh till you're blue in the face. Warning: Don't drink anything while you read this e-book, or you may spill it all over your Kindle!

Review: The Adventures of Larry the Alien by John McDonnell pokes fun at the serious science fiction aliens and is a hilarious collection of stories about my new favorite alien.

When bar owner Murphy invites a shape-shifting, slightly depressed alien home, the chaos and fun ensues. Larry the Alien can’t help being who he is, but don’t mention home or his failures will have him sobbing for days. Murphy’s wife Dolores is quite the boss, and she puts both her husband and Larry to work with her schemes for wealth. Edna, Murphy’s mother-in-law, adds to the comedy like the great-grandmother on Fox’s Raising Hope.

McDonnell creates a zany character in Larry the Alien. He’s relatable, even if he may be a gorilla one minute or Pierce Brosnan the next – I personally love when he’s Pierce Brosnan – or weeping about being a failure to his immensely large family back on his home planet. The reader will embrace the other characters in the hilarity of the scenes. The stories are quick-paced, fun, and will have you laughing. If you’re looking for a great, not serious read, consider The Adventures of Larry the Alien.