Monday, May 2, 2011

TO SEE by Nicole Zoltack

Title: To See
Series: What You See is What You Get, #2
Author: Nicole Zoltack
Publisher: Echelon Press LLC
Format: Ebook
To Purchase: Amazon 

Book Description: Now that Ana can see, her summer has taken on a new direction. Instead of shopping and going to the beach with friends, she has to register with the Seer’s Council. There, Ana meets Eric, a hot guy who happens to also be a vampire seer. Eric is impressed that Ana took on a vampire all by herself but wonders if Victor truly is dead.

So Ana and Eric return to the scene of the crime and make a dangerous discovery, one that could put their lives in danger. Snooping around during the daytime seems safe enough, until they lose track of time and night quickly descends. Vampires must hide in shadows, but the moon offers all kinds of opportunities.

Are Ana and Eric the hunters…or the prey?

Review: Nicole Zoltack’s To See leaps into the story that Seeing for the First Time left off.

Ana attempts to understand what it means to be a seer of vampires. When she registers with the Seer’s Council, she starts to understand a little more about this extraordinary world and what might be lurking in the shadows.

Ms. Zoltack yanks the reader further into this mysterious world of the seers. The pacing is quick and the characters believable. I flew through this short story during my lunch break. Then the cliffhanger ending. The heart-pounding anticipation of what is going to come next...only to have to wait until the next installment. Maddening yet wonderful.

I’ll be first in line to get the next one.