Monday, June 20, 2011

OR NOT TO SEE by Nicole Zoltack

Title: Or Not to See
Series: What You See Is What You Get (#3)
Author: Nicole Zoltack
Publisher: Echelon Press (June 11, 2011)
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased on Amazon
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Book Description: With night fallen, Ana and Eric find themselves in a dark and dangerous place. Vampires have found them. Victor had been one of the oldest vampires, one of only a few that could dare to walk around in shadows while the sun beat down on the earth. These vampires were his followers, and now they want revenge and to taste Ana’s blood until she is drained dry.

If Ana wants to live to see autumn, she needs to stay strong and smart. No one said being a vampire hunter was going to be easy, and Ana is about to learn that first hand…

But sometimes the scariest things that go bump in the night aren’t what you can see…

Review: In the third installment of the What You See Is What You Get series, Or Not to See by Nicole Zoltack swirls in action and mystery of what might come next for Ana and her friends.

Ana and Eric have discovered that the vampire Victor is rather completely dead, but he left behind some family members who want to drain Ana dry. As night approaches, Ana and Eric along with Ana’s friends have to find a way to escape the forest or become dinner, but what else is in the woods besides the vampires is the real unanswered question.

After the climatic end in To See (#2 in the series), Or Not to See fell a little short to deliver in the beginning but picked up at the end. The start was a little slow to catch people up that hadn’t read the first two with a few minor mistakes that wouldn’t be evident unless you read the other two (for example, Ana’s parents were werewolf seers in the first two but mentioned as vampire seers in this one). Despite the rocky start, the action thrust the two seers and their friends right into two hungry vampires who weren’t taking “no” for an answer with more creatures of the night on their way. I enjoyed how the vampires were liken to sharks in their sense of smell. I do love how the end still clings to a mystery of what else might be amongst them as Ana learns more and more about the world of seeing.

Overall, I love the mythology and mystery of Or Not to See and do look forward to Ana’s next adventure within the What You See Is What You Get series.