Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blog Changes in 2012

Hello, everyone!

Since the new year is rapidly approaching, I've decided to evaluate the blog and make some changes.

First, I will add ratings to reviews.
Three bookworms = I liked it! 
Four bookworms = I really liked it! 
Five bookworms = I loved it! 
Pretty simple, right? Also, I will not review something that is one or two stars. Why? I only review books I've finished reading, and I do not finish books that would get a one or two star. There are too many books out there to read and not enough time to read them, so I won't spend time reading a book that is at the one or two star level.

Second, I am adding genres and Goodreads links to my book reviews in 2012. Also, instead of the purchase links page, I have linked the books to my review of them on this blog. I have chosen not to link to purchase pages for the most part because I want everyone to have a chance to choose where they want to purchase the book rather than send them to a specific page.

Third, my blogging schedule is changing slightly.
Mondays - Books Released This Week
Tuesdays - Teaser Tuesdays (A Meme created by MizB at Should Be Reading)
Wednesday - A Book Review
Thursdays - Important Information/Interviews/Giveaways/Etc.
For the most part, I will not blog Friday-Sunday. Schedule is subject to change, and this blog will be participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge in April, so stay tune to promotional opportunities in February.

I review every book I read. I believe it is important to spread the word, and I have a LONG list of books I want to read. At this time, Surrounded by Books Reviews is closed indefinitely to unsolicited reviews. What this means is if I've never heard of you before, it is unlikely I'll review your book if you just email me about it. I will be on the lookout for books I want to request to read and review as well as will take reviews from authors I've previously reviewed. I will likely open up to review requests sometime in 2012, but I don't know when or how long yet.

Tomorrow I will look back on my top ten reads of 2011.