Wednesday, December 28, 2011

STUCK by Becky Mushko

Title: Stuck
Author: Becky Mushko
Publisher: Cedar Creek Publishing
Format: PDF
Source: Author
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Book Description: A paranormal novel in which an eleven-year-old girl-stuck in grief over her mother's death-helps a ghost who's stuck on earth until she finds her daughter.

Review: Becky Mushko’s Stuck touches the heart. 

When eleven-year-old Jacie’s mother dies, her entire world comes crashing down. She’s stuck with the class bully at horse camp. She’s stuck in grief. Then, she’s stuck in her anger over her dad remarrying a former high school girlfriend. When she meets a ghost who is also stuck, she learns how to get everyone unstuck.

Stuck follows Jacie’s progress through the stages of grief and growing up. At times, this novel brought tears to my eyes. Other times, I laughed and smiled, especially at the twins’ antics. Death features greatly, but it is more something to be sad about, a little mad, but not something to fear. Mushko’s knowledge about horses shines through as well as rural farm life. The characters are endearing, especially Jacie and her soon-to-be step-mother Liz. The glimpse of the paranormal and mystery is light and moving. Stuck is a fast-paced middle grade novel and invokes a great lesson of how to be unstuck in a bad situation.

Stuck by Becky Mushko delights in this emotional tale of grief, hope, and love. It may have been written with middle graders in mind, but anyone can find something to enjoy.