Monday, May 6, 2013

A to Z Reflections

A to Z Reflections


I really do love the A-Z Challenge, but I'm also really glad we're in May now.

Things I loved:
  • Writing with a theme. The writing and pre-scheduling of the posts are perhaps the easiest part of the entire challenge.
  • The addition of categories to add beside our blogs on the link list. It was nice to know what type of blog a person was clicking on. That was a big plus.
  • What posts I managed to read and everyone who stopped by and commented were awesome!
Things I didn't love:
  • Time. I didn't have enough of it. Between writing 30,000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo, finishing up a short story for Men of Foxwick, then getting sick with bronchitis, all my hopping around, following, and commenting back time vanished. I'd hoped the last two days I would be able to get back to the blogfest, but then my mom got sick and was in the hospital from Saturday evening to Tuesday morning. She's better now, but I guess by April 29, I wasn't really feeling like doing anything. Then I got this massive day job work project, so it's sucking away even more time.
And that's it. Beyond not having as much time as I thought I would, I thought the challenge went well. I don't think I would change anything about it, although next year I hope to have more time. Also, I participated with two blogs this year, and I think next year I'll just do one. Perhaps I could alternate between blogs. I haven't completely decided, but I do hope to participate next year.

I will also be getting to those people who commented on my blog. Your comments meant the world to me, and I loved your enthusiasm for the book series. I hope you found some new books to read because I know I did by finding the series in the first place. I have all the emails for the comments in my Inbox, so I will be following and visiting. It just might take me a few weeks to catch up.

A special thank you to the A-Z hosts and their many minions! You make the A to Z Challenge run smoothly.