Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: The Oracle and the Vampire by Christine Rains

Title: 1305 and 1306 - The Oracle and the Vampire
Series: The 13th Floor #5
Author: Christine Rains
Published: May 13, 2013
Format: Ebook Novella
Source: Author and Purchased on Amazon
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Having fallen for her gorgeous neighbor might not be so bad if Harriet McKay wasn't in her hideous banshee form every time Kiral saw her. Such is her curse. True, he's a vampire struggling with a drug addiction, but he's a good soul. Yet no one could love a cursed witch, especially one not even her cats respect.

After having a vision of Kiral's death, Harriet makes it her mission to save him. Never before has she attempted to change fate, but so strong is her love.

Kiral Ozdemir struggles to make it through every day. The craving for blood laced with drugs directs his every thought until he tastes Harriet's potent blood. The magic immediately addicts him, but she disappears. He's desperate to find her, racing blindly out into a city in chaos.

How can Harriet convince Kiral to see past her vile appearance and return her love? If only she can force him to listen to reason coming from a raving crone, perhaps she can save him from the demons hunting him and from himself.

Teasers: Such was her curse as a banshee. – 5%

She fantasized she would save him from himself, make him well again with her healing skills, and he’d sweep her off her feet murmuring how much he loved her in his breathy, exotic accent. – 8 %

He would kill her. Worse than just kill her. He needed to stay away from her.

He had to see her again. – 25%

She was going to make sure no one called her that ever again after tonight. – 54%

Review: A cursed witch, Harriet McKay wants to save the world, but she would settle for saving the man she loves in Christine Rains’ 1305 & 1306 – The Oracle and the Vampire.

The fifth novella in the 13th Floor series, Christine Rains has done it once again in creating a unique and original story featuring a vampire who happens to be an addict and a witch who can’t remove a curse upon herself. Harriet McKay is sweet, caring, smart, and a daydreamer. A banshee and crone by night, she transforms into her beautiful witch and nurse self during the day. Kiral craves redemption, despite being a self-loathing addict and vampire. I loved the contrasts and similarities between the two characters and how their journey together. Once again, Vetis, the villain from The Marquis, is back and more diabolical—and a tad crazier—than ever. For me, Harriet’s cat familiars Ellie and Kerr hold a special place in my heart as they grow to respect their witch. And watch out for Harriet’s clients, especially spunky Catherine Miller. They are an awesome addition to the cast.

Unlike the other 13th Floor novellas, readers get a chance to see both points of view between Harriet and Kiral. The alternating chapters worked brilliantly, and I loved getting a deeper sense of the main characters and seeing both their struggles. In a way, both Kiral and Harriet need saving, and it’s through each other it can happen—if Harriet’s vision of Kiral’s death doesn’t come true. The Oracle and the Vampire is a fast-paced and intense story filled with horrific events as well as touching moments.

Once again, Rains also continues to build the wonderful world she created. I love how Rains integrates her stories within a similar timeframe, so we readers can see the crossover between events and characters. Her hints of things to come always excite me from book to book as one seemingly insignificant mention in one book can become key in the other. It shows how well-thought out the series is and makes it an enjoyable experience. 

The Oracle and the Vampire by Christine Rains may be a quick read, but this novella—and series—sticks with a reader. So if you’re looking for original paranormal romance, then look no further than Rains’ 13th Floor series.

Five Bookworms = I loved it!

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