Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hook Me: Dinosaur Jazz by Michael Panush

Title: Dinosaur Jazz
Series: The Jurassic Club #1
Author: Michael Panush
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press (June 13, 2012)
Genre: Science Fiction

Book Description: Acheron Island is a world lost to time, home to prehistoric creatures from earth’s savage past.

The island’s occupants range from ferocious, man-eating dinosaurs and savage Ape Man tribes to strange ruins from a lost civilization. It is also home to Sir Edwin Crowe, son of the Victorian explorer who discovered Acheron Island, renowned big game hunter, scarred Great War veteran, and last of the world’s Gentleman Adventurers.

But now Acheron Island has some new residents – ruthless American businessman Selwyn Slade and an army of corporate cronies. Why has Slade brought all of his modern industrial power to conquer this world from the past? Can Sir Edwin uncover his strange purpose and protect this prehistoric world? Sir Edwin’s only allies are his stalwart Ape Man partner, a beautiful torch singer with a mysterious agenda, his strong-willed sister and her archaeologist boyfriend, and a family of American tourists – and they’re about to become the last hope of a lost world.

Its Jazz Age meets the Mesozoic Age in a world where cave men, gangsters, hunters, zeppelins, pirates, warlords and dinosaurs clash for a chance of survival. All that and more is waiting for you in Dinosaur Jazz, a tale of high adventure in a prehistoric world.

First line: The fat that we are living in an utterly modern age is often ballyhooed by corner store Solomons nationwide.
Last line read: "You hardly know Webster! How dare you--"

Overall Impressions: The cover looks more like a Middle Grade book, but it's not (not that I thought it was). I enjoyed the story and found it an easy book to get hooked on. After all, I'm a dinosaur lover, so reading about such an island like Acheron does ignite my imagination. The story had a feel of the old TV show The Lost World and reminded me of reading Jules Verne novels, so I did really enjoy the sample.

Would I keep reading?: Yes!