Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Review: The Ghost by Christine Rains

Title: The Ghost
Series: The 13th Floor #6
Author: Christine Rains
Publication Date: July 13, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Format Read: Ebook
Length: Novella
Source: Author 

Chiharo Black lives with six supernatural tenants in a haunted building's mysterious thirteenth floor. Of course, no one knows she's there except the cats. Being a ghost can be a bit frustrating and lonely, but it isn't as bad as her mother made it out to be.

Until another ghost intrudes on her territory. Jeremy Emerson wants revenge on the vampire that killed him and won't stop until he has it. To top it off, a nightmarish shade sneaks in and leeches the energy from the building's residents before setting its sights on Chiharo and the thirteenth floor. She can't decide which one is more frightening: the one wanting to eat her soul or the one who might win her heart.

Chiharo must convince Jeremy to stand with her against the hellish parasite. If they cannot work together, the greedy fiend will not only drain their energy but everything that supports the thirteenth floor's existence. 


Teaser: Whoever said a person’s first kiss was always the best was never kissed a second time. [pg. 29 Word Document. I just love this line so much for the truth within it.]

Review: Christine Rains’ The Ghost ends the thrilling paranormal romance series, the 13th Floor.

Intelligent yet naive, Chiharo, a ghost, wishes the residents of her apartment building, particularly those on the 13th floor, could see her, but when a new ghost named Jeremy enters her building, she will do anything to get rid of the interloper. But a new threat to the town of Carmine has decided to live within her building. Chiharo and Jeremy must join forces against this vile fiend.

I love how Rains continues to entwine the stories from the 13th Floor, and we readers learn more about each one of them. Chiharo is sweet and young, yet her bravery shines through. Jeremy seeks revenge and has a foul mouth, yet Chiharo soon sees through his harder exterior to the good soul has. Their budding relationship is everything young love should be, despite the vicious monster trying to kill them.

Rains gives us more glimpses of the 13th Floor and the other tenants within the apartment building. The author’s take on ghosts is refreshing just like her take on the other supernatural tenants on the 13th Floor. The writing is fast-paced, and the plot sweet at times, horrifying, and quite thrilling, and the ending brought me to tears.

Overall, The Ghost by Christine Rains has turned out to be my favorite novella of the entire series.

Five Bookworms = I loved it!
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